Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Inexpensive Web Hosting | Green Host Sites

Affordable and inexpensive web hosting that rivals any of the top rated website hosting services online. It doesnt matter if you own a large company or just need to host a personal website, we review American web host companies and then let you make the decision based on knowledge not what company is the cheapest or who pays the most for advertising.

Most web host services offer a similar package or hosting plan to potential buyers. Of course some are better then others if you consider server up time and loading speeds etc. For the most part plans are pretty comparable. So how do you choose a host that is well priced and delivers the product that suits your needs the best?

Finding an inexpensive web hosting company is the easy part, what happens when you have a question or need to upgrade your service? Sometimes biggest is not the best and cheapest isnt always the best bet either. Finding a combination of both is really ideal and we have a few companies that are worth throwing into the mix when reliability and affordability are the main objective.

Green hosts are becoming more popular as consumers realize they need to be more eco friendly in all of their purchases and daily activities. American hosts and customer service is also in high demand as people are really put off and tired of spending the day on hold only to get help from an it professional who they cannot communicate with because of a language barrier.

These are all important aspects to consider when choosing a web host for your site. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to a couple of companies who provide excellent website hosting at inexpensive prices and have great english speaking customer service reps ready to help you day or night 24/7.



Currently these are two American based web host companies who rate very high on customer service and affordability. Both hosting companies are based in the United States and provide inexpensive web hosting plans that will fit just about everyones budget.

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